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Website accessibility

The Chamber of Deputies, which is committed to ensuring that the information resources on its website are readily usable by all visitors, has adopted the most advanced national and international standards of web accessibility.

In 2006, the Chamber of Deputies became the first institutional body in Italy to set up a website conforming to the accessibility criteria set out in Law no. 4 of 2004 (“Measures to facilitate the access of disabled people to IT tools”) and meeting the technical requirements specified in the guidelines of a Ministerial Decree dated 8 July 2005. The website pages were designed to be fully accessible, meaning usable by everyone without discrimination. The site underwent a series of technical tests, followed by a subjective evaluation of its usability by a panel of experts familiar with the types of difficulty encountered by persons with disabilities. The judgement of the evaluators was globally favourable.

Since then, the website has progressively expanded its sections, pages and content, especially its multimedia content. Compliance with evolving standards of accessibility has remained a constant throughout. The ultimate objective, which is being pursued with diligence, is to make all parts of the website fully accessible to all visitors. With respect to most of its content, the website can be said to have reached this objective already. The website is continuously being monitored with a view to improving the services it provides and resolving any accessibility issues that may arise. We invite our visitors to contribute to this process of monitoring and improvement by using the following link to report any accessibility problems they may encounter.